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The most significant advantage of being a Corporate Industrial photographer is that you follow a subject after your own heart, do a great deal of research on photography and get into this field in a pro way. In addition you get to make a good deal. Corporate photography is a very profitable, well paid profession. If you are excellent in your work and happen to meet the right folks and get the right projects, you can earn a decent living.

Most companies use corporate photography for selling brochures to give to current or prospective clientele, or to give out at job interviews or at hiring events. In these instances, the company or establishment should be portrayed in the very best angle. Many individuals recognise stock images, and they are viewed in graphic designing and layout circles as dry and uninspired decisions. Firms come across as modernistic and forward-thinking when they use vivid, unique images in their marketing literature and brochures.

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Jim Cunningham concentrates on [major] [minor]. Jim has over twenty-two years of experience in corporate photography working in the industry. For any of your corporate photography


The [major] services in [minor] that Jim Cunningham  provides include:

  • Corporate Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Corporate Industrial Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • [minor] Photography
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JIM CUNNINGHAM has been offering distinctive location photographs to his clients for over 20 years.

Growing up in Pittsburgh the arena of industry was all around him and by his late teens a deep interest in railroads was the flame that brought him to purchase his 1st camera. Jimwent on to receive a Masters Degree Design and Visual Communications from Southern Illinois University. He then returned to his hometown and commenced his career at Pittsburgh’s largest and most busy photograpic studio and went on to become staff photographer for Bechtel Company on an overseas project for 2 years in Saudi Arabia. With his combined expertise his studio has been serving Corporate and Economic clientele throughout the United States by providing distinct pictures of their people, products and buildings. JIM CUNNINGHAM’s work has brought him into coal mines, steel mills, rail depots and lots of industrial plants as well as medical centres and company offices throughout the United States and globally. He has hung out of ‘copters, spalunked around in aThirty-eight in. coal mine and lifted up 2 hundred feet in a cherry picker to get that defining point of view.

“I love the challenge of going into a situation and making something interesting out of what is seemingly something uninteresting. I think the reason I like [minor] photography so much is also because of all the interesting new worlds it has opened up to me. I wouldn’t  trade the people I have met and the placesI have  been to because of it for anything.” Jim Cunningham

Jim Cunningham Photography:

We Proudly Serve these Pennsylvania Towns and Cities

Pittsburgh PA | Philadelphia PA | Allentown PA | Erie PA | Reading PA | Scranton PA | Bethlehem PA | Lancaster PA | Levittown PA | Harrisburg PA | Altoona PA | York PA | State College PA | Chester PA | Williamsport PA | Easton PA | Lebanon PA | Hazleton PA | New Castle PA | Johnstown PA

For more information, please contact Jim at (412) 429-1718 today!

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Jim Cunningham Photography Client List

• The Allegheny
• Art Effects Design
• Bechtel Corp.
• Blattner Brunner
• Brentwood Bank
• Bucyrus USA
• Carbide Graphite
• Copperweld Corp.
• Corporate Design
• Design Alliance
• The Diocese of
• EKATO Corp.
• Electrolux
• ERGON Refineries
• Federated Investors
• Grove City College
• Grubb & Ellis Mgmt.
• Health America
• Heinz USA
• The Mentoring
• Merrill Lynch
• Michael Robert
• Mizrahi Design
• NEP Broadcasting
• Norfolk Southern
• Osram Sylvania
• Perkins Eastman
• Pittsburgh
   Convention &
   Visitors Bureau
• Pittsburgh Penguins
• PPG Industries
• Rexall Sundown
• SSAB Hardox
• Sullair Compressors
• Thermo Electron
• Westinghouse
• Wier Minerals

We look forward to assisting your business or company with all of your photography needs.

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